What is PAMM account?

PAMM is one of the easiest ways to earn money for beginners in the forex market.

The word PAMM stands for Percent Allocation Management Module.

Investors who intend to profit from the forex market and do not have the ability or time to trade in this market can use this method.

By investing in this fund, you will benefit from the trades of the fund manager in proportion to your capital.

The more you invest, the more profit you will get.

حساب PAMM account

Check the performance of our PAMM account

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Connect to the PAMM account

  1. Open an account in Alpari broker
  2. Charge the account as much as you want with a minimum of $50
  3. Login to HoseinFX PAMM account page
  4. Select “Invest” button
  5. Choose the desired amount of capital and confirm the investment.

Important advices

  1. Account must be opened in Alpari broker.
  2. The trade team commission is 50% of the profit of the trades.
  3. The minimum capital to enter the investment fund is $50, which must be available in your non-commercial account.
  4. Withdrawal requests are possible daily from 1 am to 6 am Cyprus time.
  5. In this method, there is no need to create a trading account.
  6. Withdrawal from the PAMM account is like withdrawal from other accounts and you can withdraw at any time.
  7. It is possible to open a new account and increase the balance to connect to the PAMM fund 24/7.

Benefits of PAMM account

  • Profit with minimal investment
  • The fastest way to success in forex
  • Earn money without spending time and having forex skills
  • No need to create a trading account
  • Safe environment for forex trading
  • Trading 24/7 without wasting time
  • Free use of the experience of the professional trading team
  • The possibility of withdrawing capital on a daily basis
  • High investment security

Difference between Account management and PAMM account

The differences between these two methods can be examined in 2 parts:

  1. The minimum capital to use the account management system is $10,000, but with capitals above $50, you can participate in PAMM account.
  2. In the account management system, the Metatrader account is provided to the trade team, while in PAMM account, there is no need to create a trading account and your fund is transferred to the trading account in the broker.